Fish Your Way to Clean Water

Fishing is a great way to relax and enjoy some time outdoors. It's also a great way to protect fish habitat! The money you spend on a fishing license helps fund work to conserve waters, wetlands, and other resources in your state that are needed for healthy fish and wildlife populations. A portion of the sales of fishing equipment also helps fund state conservation efforts as well as support outdoor recreation opportunities.

Equipment Discounts for League Chapters

Zebco’s Family Fishing Program provides discounted rods and reels to non-profit organizations that engage youth and families in fishing activities. (NOTE: Items must be used for a League chapter’s fishing event or given as prizes at such events.)

zebco_logo_smChapters may submit their request, by first emailing for an authorized discount code and ordering instructions before you can place an order. Please include your name, chapter name, and officer title (if applicable) in your email.

Insider Info: Under the Ice

Whether you’re trying to hook a fish through a hole in the ice or wondering what happens when your favorite trout stream freezes over, here’s a look under the ice.

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Free Fishing Days

Ready to cast a line? Many states offer "free fishing days" so try fishing for a day without having to purchase a license. It's the perfect opportunity to try it yourself or introduce family and friends to the fun of fishing. Your local Izaak Walton League chapter may offer fishing events for beginners, so check with your local chapter

Here are the free fishing day dates in states with League chapters.

2017 Free Fishing Days COMING SOON!

2016 Free Fishing Days

Alabama June 11
California July 2 and September 3
Colorado June 4 - June 5
Florida April 2-3 and June 11-12 (freshwater);
June 4-5, September 3, November 26 (saltwater)
Georgia June 4, June 11, and September 24
Iowa June 3-5 (Iowa residents only)
Idaho June 11
Illinois June 17-20
Indiana April 16, May 21, June 4-5 (Indiana residents only)
Maryland June 4, June 11, July 4
Massachusetts June 4-5
Michigan February 13-14, June 11-12
Minnesota June 10-12
North Carolina July 4
North Dakota June 4-5 (North Dakota residents only)
Nebraska May 28
New York February 13-14, June 25-26, November 11
Ohio May 7-8
Oklahoma TBA
Oregon June 4-5
Pennsylvania May 29, July 4
South Dakota May 20-22
Tennessee June 4
Virginia June 3-5
Washington June 11-12
Wisconsin June 4-5
West Virginia TBD
Wyoming TBD
Note: Always refer to state fishing regulations.
For a complete list of "free fishing days" in these and other states, visit the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation's Web site.