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Outdoor America Spring 2014 (Issue 2)

Outdoor America is the award-winning quarterly magazine of the Izaak Walton League of America. Each issue is filled with entertaining and educational articles about the conservation work of League members. We also provide in-depth coverage of broader conservation issues such as national energy policy, urban sprawl, and wetland loss. To start receiving Outdoor Americabecome a League member.

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Conservation Cohorts
The Ikes and Outdoor Writers
By Michael Furtman

2014 Convention Preview
Speakers, workshops, registration – it’s all here, including a special preview from our keynote speaker!

The Hunger Games Effect
How media propels youth into the outdoors (or not)
By Lisa Densmore

League Leader
Springing Into Chapter Visits and Convention: Making connections with League members in their hometowns and at our national convention
By Bob Chapman, IWLA National President

Director’s Chair
Izaak Walton's The Compleat Angler: Walton's conservation and outdoor recreation philosophy was embraced by our founders and is embodied in the League today
By Scott Kovarovics, IWLA Executive Director

League Lines
Celebrating Conservation Across Iowa for 40 Years * Creek Freaks Preview * What's Invasive! * Funding Nature Play for the Community * Planting To Improve Water Quality

Insider Info
Prime Time for Fishing: As you head out on the water to cast a line, here's what you need to know to help keep yourself -- and the fish -- alive
By Lisa Densmore

Hooks & Bulletins
League Staff Member Receives Award for Water Resource Conservation * IWLA Resources for Conserving Streams and Wetlands * Mississippi River Conference * Policy Pulse * Endowment in Action * IWLA National Awards

Youth Activity: Search for Soil Dwellers
Teach youth that healthy soils contain a great variety of creatures that help make soil fertile.

Outdoor Ethics
Death From Above: Will drones change the game?
By David Hart

Reading Room
American Wasteland * It's Fall/Winter/Spring!

Last Word
Clean Water Rules! Outdoors men and women needed to support cleaner water
By Mike Leahy, IWLA Conservation Director

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