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Outdoor America Fall 2011 (Issue 4)

Outdoor America is the award-winning quarterly magazine of the Izaak Walton League of America. Each issue is filled with entertaining and educational articles about the conservation work of League members. We also provide in-depth coverage of broader conservation issues such as national energy policy, urban sprawl, and wetland loss. To start receiving Outdoor America, become a League member. Here's what you missed in this issue of the magazine:

Seeds of Destruction
Hunters can be part of the solution in stopping the spread of invasive plants.
By Brad Fitzpatrick

Fishing for Answers
For reasons unknown, the Susquehanna is losing its smallmouth bass population.
Contributing writers: Darrin Youker and Dawn Merritt

The Word at 7 Billion
Is it possible to protect the wild places we love in an ever-growing world?
By Laurie Mazur

League Leader
Defending Outdoor America Since 1922: Looking forward to the League’s 90th anniversary celebration next year – and beyond.
By Jim Madsen, IWLA National President

Director’s Chair
Reflections on Success and Future Challenges: Successes in 2011 position the League well for the coming year.
By David Hoskins, IWLA Executive Director

Debating Deer Management

League Lines
An adventure in Ohio * Ikes educate Creek Freaks * Pollinating chestnut trees * Building a conservation classroom * Missouri River moments * Aiming for outdoor education * Conservation on parade * Wild remembrance * Conserving a space for outdoor education * Great Backyard Bird Count

Thinking Like a Mountain
Ethanol in Context
By Eric Jensen, IWLA Energy Coordinator

Hooks & Bulletins
New League resource for youth programs: Creek Freaks Web site * New IWLA staff * Scouting for a nature trail * Reading Room * Policy Pulse * Spotlight on Grants * IWLA Endowment Reliance for Compliance * Favorable Review of Renewable Energy Standards

Last Stand
Clean Air Act Under Attack: It’s time to stand up for laws that protect our air quality, fish and wildlife, and the public health

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