Izaak Walton League of America

Partners in Outdoor America's Future

For decades, our land, air, and water resources have been under assault. The most remote and scenic places always grab the headlines - rightly so. But the greatest losses have been right in our own backyards. The only way for us to stop the destruction, and to realize our vision of an outdoors that is clean and healthful for all people and wildlife, is if we focus our collective energies, talents and resources on what the League does best - community-based conservation. 
We invite you to become a member of "Partners in Outdoor America's Future" by making a five-year pledge of an annual donation of $100, $250, or $500. Below are just some of benefits you'll receive when you make this special commitment. Of course, the greatest satisfaction will come from knowing that you're making a real difference, community by community, all across America. 

  • Steward$100 to $249 per year. In recognition of your special commitment, we'll send you a personalized, laser-engraved "Partners in Outdoor America's Future" alder wood plaque. Plaque features an image of "Headwaters Eagle" by noted wildlife artist and IWLA member, Scott Zoellick. For each year's contribution, you'll also be able to add an antiqued brass medallion representing the five natural resources that League members hold so dearly - soil, air, woods, waters and wildlife. 
  • Advocate$250 to $499 per year. Making an annual pledge of $250 will entitle you to the same engraved plaque and medallions, plus a matching "Partners in Outdoor America's Future" afghan of "Headwaters Eagle." The afghan - made in America - includes the image of the Izaak Walton League seal and "Partners in Outdoor America's Future." 
  • Conservator: $500 to $999 per year. Make it $500 for each year and we'll include Zoellick's limited-edition art print (20" x 24"). Matted and framed, it comes embellished with an inlaid, antiqued brass medallion of the Izaak Walton League seal. You may proudly display this artist's proof of "Headwaters Eagle" and your engraved plaque.

Call 800-IKE-LINE (453-5463) to make your pledge today.

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