IWLA Agriculture Program

Conserving Farmland

America's agricultural lands provide food for the world and habitat for wildlife, but they are also a major source of non-point-source pollution and can reduce fish and wildlife habitat if not managed well. Balancing the economic, ecological, and cultural impacts of farmland has been a League priority since our founding. We are working to ensure sound conservation practices are included in federal farm policy so sustainable farming can remain a viable way of life.

League Advocates for Wetland Easements in New Farm Bill Program

In May, the League submitted comments on a new farm bill conservation program allowing producers to enroll land in a conservation easement. These easements help farmers keep environmentally-sensitive wetlands and grasslands out of production, or protect farmland from urban sprawl, all while retaining ownership of their land. Read more ...

League Asks USDA for Accuracy in Wetland Determinations

At the end of February, the League submitted comments on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) proposed changes to how it identifies wetlands on agricultural land in Iowa, Minnesota, and the Dakotas. The League’s comments raised concerns that NRCS methods – such as using aerial imagery captured in the dry summer rather than the wet spring – could fail to capture seasonal or temporary wetlands that are critical to wildlife, water quality, and flood protection. Mistakes like this would put this already endangered landscape at further risk of conversion to agricultural production. Read more....

The League's work on conserving farmland and mitigating the impacts of agricultural production on fish, wildlife, and habitat also includes a focus on several specific regions:
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