Save Our Streams

Save Our Streams

Save Our Streams (SOS) is a national clean-water education and outreach program. Since 1969, we have cleaned-up stream corridors, monitored stream health, and restored degraded stream banks. Visit our Q&A page to learn how to start your own water monitoring group. For more on the program's history, listen to a radio interview with the program staff.

Virginia SOS

More than 600 Virginia Save Our Streams volunteers are collecting water quality data at 400 sites across the state. The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality uses data collected by our volunteers to identify healthy waters in need of protection and polluted waters that need to be restored. Volunteers also use the data to prioritize and evaluate restoration projects and to educate the public about how to reduce pollution.

E-mail to join a water monitoring group or start a new one. You can find more information on the Virginia Save Our Streams Web page.

Getting Started
Wondering about the quality of streams in your neighborhood? Test the water quality today! We'll help you get started. Begin with SOS Monitoring for step-by-step guidance in monitoring, restoration, advocacy, or education.  Or visit our Project Ideas section for a variety of hands-on stream and wetland project ideas appropriate for community groups or schools. If you're ready to start with a monitoring project, click here for a list of suppliers for SOS Monitoring Equipment.

Need More Help?
Contact the SOS program via e-mail or by calling 1-800-BUG-IWLA (800-284-4952) for details on how to start monitoring and improving stream quality in your area.

Clean Water Resources

Protect Our Wetlands
Everything you need to start a wetland conservation project.

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