Clean Water Challenge

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, only 20 percent of America’s streams and rivers are monitored for water quality. Run-off from parking lots, backyards, and farm fields presents a serious threat to water quality across the nation. With potential pollution sources so dispersed, it’s nearly impossible to accurately assess stream health – good or bad – unless more stream sites are monitored more frequently at the local level.

Our goal: to monitor 100,000 more stream sites by 2022.

Citizen-based stream monitoring is a proven solution. The Izaak Walton League has the tools – and decades of experience with citizen science – to help you do it. Ready to get started?

YES! I will join the Clean Water Challenge.

Your involvement can range from talking about clean water with your neighbors to organizing new stream monitoring groups. We will have more information about the national campaign shortly, and will send you regular updates as well as tips you can use today to improve water quality. In the meantime, click here to find information about stream monitoring.

What’s in YOUR water?

ROAD SALT: We all want to stay safe on winter roads. But what’s on your roads – including road salt and de-icing chemicals – can end up in your water. So the water coming out of your tap could have more salt than your movie popcorn! What can YOU do? We have a few key tips.

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